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Kusimama Collaboratives: A Community-Based Approach to Development

Lecture and conversation with No White Saviors

Hosted by: Alaso Olivia, Lubega Wendy and Kelsey Nielsen

Joining directly from Kampala, Uganda, Olivia, Wendy and Kelsey, will be sharing about No White Saviors, which is an advocacy campaign working toward anti-racist and more equitable development and aid work. They will also be presenting on the Kusimama Collaborative as an example of local, community-run development work happening in Uganda.

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Speaker Info

Alaso Olivia

As an Ugandan Social Worker born and raised in Jinja, Olivia has a passion for helping vulnerable populations and supporting community-driven initiatives. After years of working with various NGOs and seeing harm caused by western do-gooders, she has imagined a better way forward. Olivia is a Mum to Lebron James Jr. and to a husband who really enjoys basketball. Family, history, and identity are all very important to her and a main source of her motivation.

Lubega Wendy

A human rights activist and advocate by profession with a degree in ethics and human rights. A 27-year-old Ugandan, she is very passionate about social change that is justice driven with the human person as a focal point.

Kelsey Nielsen

When we refer to Kelsey as the “white savior in recovery” on the team, we are not kidding. It’s important to realize that this is an ongoing process. Her main role is holding herself and fellow white people accountable in a real way. Kelsey received both her bachelor’s and master’s in Social Work from Temple University in Philadelphia.