Ampersand: Comparative Refugee Resettlement and Integration


This Course will continue our investigation of the Dynamics of Migration in the MENA and African countries primarily and re-orient the discussions towards a/the much-overlooked cause of migration: Colonialism. To achieve genuine refugee/ Migrant oriented reform policies, the Global North needs to reconcile with its colonial past. Towards this end, we will highlight how the history of Migration is deeply entangled with colonialism. Our readings-based discussions will focus on analyzing how colonial logics continue to shape the dynamics of migration as well as fuel the growing Xenophobia and Anti-migration rhetoric in the Global North towards intercontinental human mobility. To understand the enduring legacies of colonialism on the contemporary politics of migration, our discussions will argue the premise that colonial histories should be central to migration studies today for there to be real reform in refugee, asylum, and migrant policies. We will explore a wide range of inspiring and challenging perspectives on migration and learn what postcolonial and decolonial scholarships can offer us studying international migration today. We will address these areas through our weekly readings of Migration Studies and Colonialism as a primary source; we will also survey a selection of articles as a secondary source. To supplement the readings, we will watch short documentaries addressing the topic as well as hear from activists, journalists, and specialists in the field. Course is for first-year, non-transfer students only.
Course Attributes: EN S; BU BA; AS LCD; AS SSC; AMP; FA SSC; AR SSC

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Ampersand: Comparative Refugee Resettlement and Integration
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