Ampersand: Geographies of Globalization and Development


This course provides an overview to the geographies of globalization and development in the world today. We begin by engaging with a variety of theoretical perspectives, definitions, and debates in order to establish the foundations upon which students can conceptualize and understand existing patterns of inequality, social injustice and environmental conflicts. In order to further highlight the different ways in which development and globalization interventions are experienced and contested, in the second half of the course we will focus our considerations towards specific contemporary issues at the forefront of globalization and development debates, including migration and refugees, urbanization, sustainable development, tourism, and alter-globalization social movements. This course is restricted to first-year students in the Global Citizenship Program.
Course Attributes: EN S; BU Hum; BU IS; AS SSC; AS SD I; FA SSC; AR SSC; AS SC; AMP

Section 01

Ampersand: Geographies of Globalization and Development
INSTRUCTOR: Reynolds, Viteri
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