The Art of Medicine


This interdisciplinary, cross-school course illuminates the crucial interaction between medicine, visual culture and the arts. The encounter between medicine and art has been cooperative, leading to numerous innovations such as the microscope, and also fiercely antagonistic, as witnessed during the HIV AIDS pandemic in the1980s and, indeed, in our current Covid era. Together with distinguished guest speakers, we will break down simplistic distinctions between the cultures of art and medicine and confront past and present representations of the corporeal body, health and illness through the lenses of gender, race, disability, transhumanism, and diverse medical cultures. We will meet together each week for lectures and small group discussions. In their final project at the intersection of art and medicine, students will delve creatively into a subject in which they are particularly interested. This course is designed to engage students from all schools, but will be especially fruitful for pre-health and art students. First-year (non-transfer) students only. NO FINAL
Course Attributes: EN H; BU Hum; AS HUM; FA HUM; AR HUM; CFH MH; AS BB; BB

Section 01

The Art of Medicine - 01
INSTRUCTOR: Messbarger, Olynyk
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Section A

The Art of Medicine - A
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Section B

The Art of Medicine - B
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Section C

The Art of Medicine - C
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Section D

The Art of Medicine - D
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Section E

The Art of Medicine - E
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