Cinema and Society


Since the earliest experimental films of the Lumière brothers and Georges Méliès, French cinema has often found itself at the forefront of "radical" artistic and social thought. We will explore the many ways in which French and Francophone films have grappled with tensions between the status quo and radical change, whether by asking audiences to rethink how stories can be told, by questioning the meaning of realism, fantasy and representation, or by insisting that society, class, race or gender will be fundamentally reassessed. We will consider how French and Francophone films have shaped our ideas and expectations about what "cinema" is today. Films will include a range of works from the first years of cinema to the present day, by cinematographers such as Dulac, Renoir, Carné, Rohmer, Cantet, the Dardenne brothers, Bunuel, Godard, Carrere, Resnais, Truffaut, Varda, Ayouch, and others. Taught in French. Prereq: In-Perspective or Fr 308.
Course Attributes: EN H; BU IS; AS LCD; AS LS; FA CPSC

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