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SIR Town Hall Spring 2023

Beyond the Pitch: Qatar, Human Rights, and the World Cup

Town Hall is a panel discussion hosted by Sigma Iota Rho focusing on the 2023 World Cup hosted by Qatar and their impact on conversations surrounding human rights, international relations, and globalism. This event brings together experts from various fields, including sports, politics, and human rights activism, to discuss the intersection of these topics and their impact on Qatar and the world.

The event aims to facilitate an open and honest discussion about the challenges facing Qatar after hosting the World Cup, including concerns about labor practices and human rights violations. Panelists will explore the various issues surrounding the event, including the treatment of migrant workers, gender inequality, and environmental concerns.

Town Hall also provides an opportunity for participants to engage in constructive dialogue about how to improve the situation in Qatar and create a more inclusive and equitable world. The event encourages active participation from the audience, with opportunities for questions and comments from the floor.

Overall, Town Hall seeks to provide a platform for meaningful conversation by bringing together diverse voices and perspectives. The event hopes to promote understanding, collaboration, and positive change for Qatar and the world.