Global Futures


In this core Global Studies (GS) course, students will develop a broad understanding of our interconnected world by exploring a series of global issues that may include but are not limited to: border crossing and forced migration, climate change, human rights, inequality, or war and conflict. We will study these issues and their interrelated qualities from a variety of perspectives and intellectual frameworks. Students will situate major developments in a historical and cultural perspective and identify and understand discipline-specific methodologies as well as the benefits and challenges of a transdisciplinary approach. Throughout the semester students will attain a shared, critical vocabulary and theoretical expertise that will enable them to bring together the range of approaches - quantitative, qualitative, mixed - used in other GS courses. Students will also hone argumentation and communication skills for their post-graduation careers, and different forms of community engagement in global contexts. This course is required for all GS majors matriculating in Fall 2023.
Course Attributes: AS LCD; AS SSC; FA SSC; AR SSC; EN S