Global Studies Research Methods Proseminar and Assistantship


Global Studies research explores thorny historical and contemporary questions around the world, such as the climate crisis, public health challenges, uneven development, the strife for racial justice, precarious labor, curtailed rights and liberties, and technological revolutions. In this course, students attend a weekly Proseminar and complete a Research Assistantship (around 5 hours per week). The Proseminar orients students to the practice of research, including the fundamentals of research design, methodologies, and methods. In addition, students are matched with a Faculty Mentor for a Research Assistantship. Ideally, students should apply for and enroll in this course in their sophomore or junior year. Apply at:
Course Attributes: EN S; AS SSC; FA SSC; AR SSC

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Global Studies Research Methods Proseminar and Assistantship
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Elizabeth Reynolds

Elizabeth Reynolds

Lecturer in Global Studies