Master's Degree Opportunities

Accelerate your journey

In some arenas, the MA degree is the “new” BA for access to opportunities. With careful planning, beginning as early as sophomore year, you can develop a plan of study that will enable you to earn a master’s degree in addition to your BA through our joint degree programs. You can often do this at an accelerated pace and at a lower cost than traditional paths to earning two such degrees.

  • In Global Studies, you can combine your BA with one of the accelerated MA programs in University College: International Affairs, Nonprofit Management, Liberal Arts, Human Resources Management, American Culture Studies, or Statistics.
  • With one additional year of study (5 years total), you can earn an MA in either Chinese, Japanese, or East Asian Studies through the Office of Graduate Studies in Arts & Sciences. The program is available only to students currently in their senior year and only for continuous enrollment in the next year. 
  • The Brown School of Social Work offers 3-2 MSW (Master of Social Work) and 3-2 MPH (Master of Public Health) programs, designed specifically for Washington University undergraduate students. This program allows you to earn both your undergraduate degree and a MSW or MPH in a total of five years. You will find similar opportunities for Master level study at Olin Business School and the School of Engineering & Applied Science.