"Model Minority": The Asian American Experience


This course explores Asian American experience revolving around the concept of "model minority." It investigates the historical origins of "model minority" and reconsiders this concept in socio-political discourses as well as in everyday Asian American lives. Through multidisciplinary inquiries, this course provides a lens into the complexity and heterogeneity among Asian Americans. It situates Asian American experiences in the broader American, and at times transnational, ethno-racial and socio-political context. The texts and discussions cover a wide range of topics and pressing issues, such as identity, race, and (pan-)ethnicity, culture and religion, gender and sexuality, masculinity and femininity, and notions of invisibility and marginalization.
Course Attributes: EN H; BU IS; AS HUM; AS LCD; AS SD I; FA HUM; AR HUM; AS SC

Section 01

"Model Minority": The Asian American Experience - 01
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