Nation and Desire in Latin America


The purpose of this course is to analyze the process of nation formation in Latin America, since the imaginaries of the "Creole nation" to the first half of the XXth-century. Class discussion will encompass the study of theories on nation formation and nationalism as well as textual representations of national projects. Some of the main topics to be discussed are the leading role of Creole elites in the consolidation of national cultures, the marginalization of women as well as indigenous and Afro-Hispanic populations, and the role of nationalism in the shaping of modern societies. Colonialism, Occidentalism, liberalism, positivism, nationalism and modernity are some of the concepts that will be explored both theoretically and in their particular discursive usages. Conceptual aspects of the course will be also analyzed through representative literary texts (essays, fiction and testimonial writing), paintings, film and performance. Some of the authors to be studied in the course are Bolivar, Sarmiento, E. Echeverria, Rodo, Mariategui, Menchu, Zapatistas, Guayasamin, P. Lins, Mercado, Viramontes, Anzaldua, Gomez -Pena, etc. Some of the readings may be in Spanish but the course (lectures by instructor, presentations, etc.) will be conducted in English
Course Attributes: EN H; AS HUM; BU IS

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Nation and Desire in Latin America
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