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New Global Studies Core Course: Global Futures

Dear GS majors:

Welcome to the Future!

Next semester we are piloting L97 3020 Global Futures, our new Global Studies core course. Whether you are just starting on your GS journey or graduating next year, we hope that you will consider the new class that the GS faculty developed for all our majors.

Why this course?

Our transformation from International and Area Studies to Global Studies is more than a name change. As a Global Studies program, we are committed to providing you with a broad and also nuanced understanding of our interconnected world, and to exploring the diversity and richness of cultures. The new core course will be the glue that holds it all together.

Throughout the semester we will explore global issues that include Conflict, Revolution, and War; Human Rights; Global Inequality; Forced Migration; and Climate Change. The different case studies will allow us to discuss these issues and their interrelated qualities from a variety of perspectives and intellectual frameworks. You will attain a shared, critical vocabulary and theoretical expertise to bring together the range of methodologies —quantitative, qualitative, mixed, etc. —used in other GS courses and in the different concentrations (Global Cultural Studies, Development, International Affairs, European Studies, Eurasian Studies, and Global Asias). You will also hone argumentation and communication skills (academic writing, public speaking, developing teamwork) for careers and postgraduate study. This is the first version of the course, and we hope to make it better and stronger with your participation and your feedback. The course will also feature cameo appearances from your favorite GS professors.

Global Futures will be offered in SP23 on MW, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM