Russia and the West: Creating and Representing Identity


What does the West look like through Russia's eyes, and what does Russia look like through the eyes of the West? And to what extent does this relationship matter to the rest of the world? In this course, students will examine American/European/Russian philosophical and polemical essays, literary texts (novels, poetry, short stories), films, dance/vocal/theatrical performances, architecture, travelogues, autobiographies, visual arts, propaganda, and primary historical documents- from the early 19th century to the Cold War to the present day. Our focus is on how group identity (national, ideological, coalitional, and so forth) intersects with various types of personal or individual identity. This is a discussion-based course and active participation (speaking and listening) each class-day is expected. There will be two short writing assignments and weekly online Canvas discussion and collaboration. Students will research a topic of their choice, culminating in an in-class presentation and final paper or project. No prerequisites. All interested students are welcome.
Course Attributes: EN H; AS HUM; AS LCD; FA HUM; AR HUM

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Russia and the West: Creating and Representing Identity
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