Survey of Brazilian Cultures: Race, Nation and Society


This course will introduce students to Brazilian culture from the colonial period to the present through literature, art, music, film and other cultural forms. The course gives a historical overview of Brazilian culture and society, exploring major sociohistorical and artistic moments from the colonial, imperial, and republican periods, and their "legacies" or influences on Brazilian society. Students will learn about the Amerindian, European, and African influences of Brazilian culture through the study of representative texts and cultural practices. The course also illustrates Brazil's place within Latin America and the world. The course will seek to deconstruct and expand preconceived notions of Brazil, such as Lusotropicalism and racial democracy. Classes will combine lectures by the instructor, student presentations, collective debates and cooperative learning, and will entail the use of required bibliography and audiovisual materials. Prereq. None.
Course Attributes: EN H; BU IS; AS HUM; FA HUM; AR HUM; AS SC

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Survey of Brazilian Cultures: Race, Nation and Society
INSTRUCTOR: Williamson
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