Survey of Southern Cone Cultures: Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay


This course provides an introduction to the culture and society of the region known as the Southern Cone, encompassing Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. The course will follow a long-term chronological approach, from the nineteenth century to the present, and will cover a wide spectrum of cultural production: literature, newspapers, music, cinema, television, as well as other examples of popular culture such as soccer. From an interdisciplinary perspective, we will explore how race, class, and gender interact in different historical periods. The class will cover the main historical and cultural processes of these countries: the formation of the Nation-State and the construction of national identities, capitalist modernization, Afro-descendant and Indigenous activism, Populism -with special attention to the case of Peronism in Argentina-, military dictatorships, as well as the contemporary feminist movement. In doing so, the class engages with questions of media, identity, memory, and labor, as they allow us to understand the historical processes of the region.
Course Attributes: AS HUM; AS LCD; EN H; FA HUM; AR HUM

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Survey of Southern Cone Cultures: Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay
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