When Tigers Smoke: Songs and Stories From Traditional Korea


This course has two purposes: to introduce major works and topics in Korean classical literature and the cultural world in which they were produced; and to explore modern re-imaginings of these historical works, events and wider context through contemporary literature and film. The former involves a journey through various genres including foundation myths, songs, biographies, essays, poetry, fiction, memoirs, letters and oral performance, all produced before the twentieth century. For modern perspective we turn to films, dramas, cartoons and short stories, our basis for discussing modern recreation of historical events, characters, and Korean culture more broadly. In addition to details of works themselves, topics will include Korea's place in the context of Sino-centric world order; the significance of two writing systems, hanmun (literary Chinese) and han'gul (Korean vernacular writing); gender and literary practice; and the dynamic relationship between tradition and creativity. No knowledge of Korean history or language is required. All readings in English.
Course Attributes: EN H; BU IS; AS HUM; AS LCD