Zambaje: Afro-Indigenous Relations in Latin America


What does it mean to be Black and Indigenous in Latin America? What are the relations between Indigenous and Afro-descendant populations? How are the two marginalized groups constructed in relation to each other? This course takes a broad approach to relationships between Indigenous and Afro-descendant populations in Latin America. It begins in the colonial moment, exploring the tensions and solidarities between the two groups of people. It explores Afro-Indigenous populations and their position in the colonial and nationalist moments. It then examines questions of identity, recognition, sovereignty, conflict, and erasure into the present. Some key concepts we will unpack include mixture and separation; competitions and solidarities; slavery and freedom; ethnicity and race; and collective rights.
Course Attributes: BU BA; BU IS; AS LCD; AS SSC; FA SSC; AR SSC; EN S

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Zambaje: Afro-Indigenous Relations in Latin America
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